Farmer Ryan Early, Heir to the Oklahoma Farming Microbiome Industry Discovers Unique Sesquiterpenes to Transform the Future of Sustainable Farming, Food Production and Wellness for Potentially Billions of People Worldwide. Farmer Ryan, CEO of American Wholesale Hemp, incorporates the natural microbiome benefits of the wild landrace plants to produce wellness and natural farming products.

Quote from Farmer Ryan: “We are sowing the seeds of the past, to grow a brighter future for everyone.”

Natural Farming with BlueMagic

farmer ryan in the field, ceo of american wholesale hemp

With 10 billion people by 2050, global food demand will rise by as much as 70%. Blue Magic uses BiomeMax technology to completely transform the future of sustainable

farming and food production potentially for billions of people worldwide. The Blue Magic is a natural antifungal pesticide discovered from unique landrace genetics leftover from the U.S. Military’s “Hemp for Victory” farming boom in the 30s and 40s. This formula is non-toxic and uses a patented blend of ecologically sustainable ingredients. Tested on over 10,000 plants, Blue Magic ( ) is safe for plants and around house pets and is an antifungal pest repellent. The product targets mites, white powdery mildew, whiteflies, leaf aphids, termites, ants, and mosquitos. It is available and safe to use for farming and food production. It is the natural microbiome replication that promotes homeostasis in the rhizospheric, caulospheric, carposheric, and the anthosphereic microbiome realms. This BiomeMax technology increases the growth rate of plants by up to 30%, viability of fruit by up to 30%, and naturally combats pests by up to 90%.

Sequencing Genomes Compounded by Ratio Assignment with CBG-A and CBD-A

Growing up in Oklahoma, Farmer Ryan had the unique opportunity to study over one hundred indigenous cannabinoids rich plants left over from the U.S. military including self-evolving Landrace Strains with diverse genetic adaptations. Upon collecting multiple selected varieties of Landrace cannabis and conducting numerous tests for stress factors such as heat/cold extremes, deprivation of nutrients, high and low humidity, root development, light cycle parameters, and sensitivity to these changes, they began noting the different cultivars’ traits. These Proprietary Landrace heritage hemp genetics which contain specific cannabinoids compounds and sesquiterpenes are unique due to the fact they survive and adapt in the wild in extreme conditions while being uncared for or farmed by humans. Growing, crossbreeding, and observing the expression of dominant genes, Ryan was able to make major advancements. For example, discovering a new way to effectively stabilize, grow and process CBGa rich plants, Ryan was able to lead the way in specifically ratioed products containing the stem cell cannabinoid. This allows CBGa and CBG or Cannabigerol to utilize both the CB1 and CB2 receptor pathways. This unique structure of Therapanoids and patented BiomeMax technology is why Farmer Ryan products stand apart from others.

Their goal is to help all the farmers of the world continue to improve healthcare technologies, food and Textile supplies to an ever-growing population. The best part, they’re using eco-friendly methods and products and incorporating this whole new science of the microbiome, all to help feed the world and grow a brighter future for everyone.

Ryan is currently working on multi-university research to help the citrus industry overcome debilitating pests, and devastating fungi, specifically for orange and grape farmers, to help replant its groves and vineyards with organic systems. He is also in R&D phases on several new Microbiome Focused products ranging from pet products to commercial sod applications.

If It Doesn't Say BiomeMax, it's Not Farmer Ryan!

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About Farmer Ryan

Ryan Early is the controlling owner of Blue Green Ventures, American Wholesale Hemp, Hempyre Genetics, and Can-Tek Labs, and the General Contractor for the Northwestern Oklahoma State University Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. He is also the owner of the Midwest Microbiome Repository, in charge of gathering and testing various strains of hemp and other potentially viable agricultural commodity crops. After testing hundreds of specimens, Ryan discovered the secret sesquiterpene complex that will power the future of natural farming, called BlueMagic. For more information on CBD-A and CBG-A and Ryan’s True Full Spectrum Ruby product, please visit

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