Nature's Magic Microbiome Fungicide and Pest Prevention



Naturals by BlueMagic™ is a non-toxic, natural microbiome fungicide that can reduce farming costs and make a positive ecological impact. This fungicide is proven to eradicate fungus such as White Powdery Mildew and other species of common fungal diseases. This cutting-edge, plant-based technology not only eliminates and prevents fungus but also repels most common pests such as mosquitos, spider mites, whiteflies, and many others. And as if that wasn't enough, studies are now showing increased growth rates of plants, boosted vitality, and reduced fertilizer and water input requirements. 

​The organically derived complex of specific sesquiterpenes behind the science of Blue Magic™ is found in nature as pheromonal excretions from unique insects worldwide. Certain plants also contain one or more of these compounds to help repel pests and prevent pathogenic infection. During a 2018 University Research Project in Oklahoma, a species of industrial hemp was discovered and later identified as holding the same unique pheromonal profile and is the fundamental basis of Naturals by Blue Magic’s™ internationally patented BiomeMax® Microbiome Replication Technology™.

Blue Magic™ is non-toxic and safe for pet-friendly areas such as yards, parks, golf courses and sports fields. In addition, since our formula is all-natural and derived from plants, It will not disrupt the natural eco-sphere of living creatures in the area and includes our four-legged friends.




Blue Magic natural microbiome fungicide and pest prevention farm and ranch product

About Blue Magic™ | Farm & Ranch

Blue Magic™ incorporates the natural microbiome benefits of the wild robust landrace plants to produce natural farming super-grow products. Protect your your crops from pests while allowing for an eco-friendly alternative to other harsh pesticides. This new formula is non-toxic and is safe for use in pet-friendly areas and is also safe around children. 
BlueMagic™ is a critical component in correcting the current issues in the farming industry. The commodity can not only reduce the number of crop inputs, but it has the capabilities to increase yields for farmers while reducing negative environmental impacts and the costs for both pest management and fertilization. For use on and around: crops, fences, barns, stalls, greenhouses, livestock and other pest-prone areas. Blue Magic™ Farm and Ranch repels flying insects such as Mosquitos, House Flies, Gnats, No-See-Ums, Chiggers and Fleas. Studies have shown it to attract beneficial insects such as Ladybugs and Praying Mantis, which commonly feed on the pest in gardens and around the farm. When used as a lawn treatment and on trees and shrubs, Blue Magic™ provides optimal plant health while offering a safe and pest-free zone for people and pets alike!




Blue Magic  natural microbiome fungicide and pest prevention home and garden products

About Blue Magic™ | Home & Garden - RTU

Blue Magic™ was precisely formulated as the first line of defense into pest and mildew prevention for commercial farms and home gardens. This first of its kind Patent Pending Technology™ is designed with the Cultivator and environment in mind! Blue Magic™ uses a blend of eco-friendly ingredients and naturally derived sesquiterpenes to eradicate white powdery mildew and many other detrimental pests with help from our Patent Pending Technology™ ™. When utilized from seeding to harvest, Blue Magic™ provides a solution to common hemp problems resulting in higher yields and overall potency. The Blue Magic™ Home and Garden line of products was developed with the homeowner and gardener in mind. Our 32 oz Pre-Mixed lineup is Ready-to-Use right off the shelf. It is available in a handheld adjustable flow unit that easily connects to any garden hose and has excellent reach (Up to 20'), and Covers an average of 1800 sq ft. This product line also features a concentrated refill that makes Naturals by Blue Magic™ the Eco-Smart and Budget-Friendly choice for natural gardening and pest prevention. Blue Magic™ is an ecologically safe answer to all those hard to manage problems for fruits and vegetables.

Blue Magic™ is exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA 25(b) and is U.S. Patent Pending.

Avoid the tragic, use Blue Magic™! 

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