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Sat-A-Vet™ was founded with your pets in mind!

Sat-A-Vet™ is a line of natural hemp products for pets to help maintain normal disposition and emotional balance. Sat-A-Vetwas founded with your pets in mind. We believe the right to health and wellness extends beyond humans, and have formulated an ever-expanding line of Industrial Hemp infused CBD products designed for the furry friends in our lives. Utilizing a lesser-known cannabinoid, CBG, we have taken our offerings to the next level of effectiveness, with regards to potency and potential uses.

  • All of our products are 3rd party tested & THC-Free.
  • Helps reduce the effects of normal environmental stress.
  • May help curb destructive behavior.
  • Promotes a calming effect and relaxation.
  • Training and performance support for exercising muscle.
  • Supports normal physical and mental performance as well as normal recovery time after strenuous activity.

Sat-A-Vet Products:

Sat-A-Vet products are manufactured using natural broad-spectrum raw hemp oil, ensuring a high concentration of naturally-occurring terpenes and cannabinoids. 

We require that our farmers only grow natural, American grown hemp free from pesticides, chemical solvents, and heavy metals. Our engineers are able to gently remove all detectable THC rendering the entire Sat-A-Vet™ line completely non-psychoactive.

  • Formulated with CBD and CBG, for full receptor activation.
  • Offering small and large breed options, Sat-A-Vet™ has your whole family covered.  
  • Non-GMO and chemical-free, purity is important for those in need.  
  • All Sat-A-Vet™ products derived from U.S. Grown Industrial Hemp. THC-free.  
  • Under council from the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).

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For information on distribution or retailer opportunities, or to speak with a member of the American Wholesale Hemp™ staff, get in touch by phone at 405-604-0525 or via email through our secured contact page.