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Nature's Magic Pest Repellent + Fungicide

Refill Bottle for Pre Mix Sprayer!

Naturals by Blue Magic™ | PreMix Refill, 32oz

Plants Love It. Pests Hate It.™

Naturals by Blue Magic™ products provide powerful and natural solutions to eliminate Fungi and repel harmful insects without synthetic chemicals. Using our innovative and sustainable Pheromonal Replication Technology™, our products replicate natural pheromonal excretions produced by insects to warn other insects of immediate danger. We were able to duplicate this effect using this patent-pending plant-based technology to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals for crop and turf protection and pests that affect people and pets too. As a result, Blue Magic™ can reduce or even eliminate the need for chemical pesticides and fungicides and has been shown to reduce input requirements for fertilizers and irrigation, further mitigating the negative environmental impacts of managing pests and the associated effects of fungal infestations.

Our products will not harm bees or other pollinators and attract beneficial predatory insects such as ladybugs and praying mantis.


About Blue Magic™ – Plants Love It. Pests Hate It.™

Naturals by Blue Magic™ was precisely formulated as the first line of defense into pest and white powdery mildew prevention for commercial farms and home gardens. This first of its kind Pheromonal Replication Technology™ is designed with the cultivator and environment in mind! Naturals by Blue Magic™ uses a blend of eco-friendly ingredients and naturally derived sesquiterpenes to eradicate white powdery mildew and many other detrimental pests with help from our Pheromonal Replication Technology™. When utilized from seedling to harvest,Naturals by Blue Magic™ provides a solution to common hemp problems, resulting in higher yields and overall potency. Naturals by Blue Magic™ is an ecologically safe answer to all those hard to manage problems of growing cannabis or other fruits and vegetables. Avoid the tragic, use Blue Magic™!

Blue Magic is exempt from EPA registration under FIFRA 25(b) and is U.S. Patent Pending.

Additional Information:

  • Weight: 32 oz
  • Dimensions: 3 × 3 × 9 in

Suggested Use:


For refilling of the RTU hand held sprayer add 1 oz Blue Magic Natural’s™ refill  concentrate and fill to the line with water. Shake well before use. For refilling of the RTU pre-mix hose sprayer add 6 oz of Blue Magic Natural’s™ refill  concentrate and fill to the line with water. Shake well before use.

• Agitate well in sprayer before application. (Note* If the unused product is left in the sprayer, shake well and purge line before application.)

• Apply Blue Magic™ thoroughly to all areas of plants or turf.

• Apply Blue Magic™ every 7-10 days during the growth cycle for best results.

To avoid damaging plants, never apply Blue Magic™ products under the use of grow lights while powered on or in harsh sun. Shake the bottle thoroughly. Spray the entire plant thoroughly, covering all leaves, stems and stalk. Allow plants to dry before turning grow lights on. Exposure to strong light while wet may cause damage to plants.


Active Ingredients: Total 26.95% Soybean Oil - 26.45% • Citric Acid - 0.49% • Rosemary Oil - 0.01%

Inert Ingredients/Other: 73.05% Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate Water Isopropyl Alcohol Soap


BlueMagic™ Material Safety Data Sheet

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