Blue Magic SuperGrow™, has been developed by Ryan Early, aka ‘Farmer Ryan’, and Co., to sustainably manage and even reduce not only farming costs across the board but also the hazardous ecological impacts that modern-day farming creates. In addition, researchers and farmers are finding that implementing Blue Magic’s Microbiome Replication Technology™ enhances growth rates, reduces fertilizer inputs, increases vitality, and naturally deters a wide variety of pests. If that isn’t enough, Blue Magic is a very effective Fungicide! All of these attributes have spared the wallets of U.S. farmers. Still, they seem to stave off the rising costs of fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides due, in part, to supply chain issues caused by the Ukraine/Russia war as global inflation rates. Many farmers fear this problem will make it uneconomical to farm, and many economists forecast food shortages on a scale never before seen. 

In conjunction with its patented Microbiome Replication Technology™, this fungicide has a proven 30% uptake in growth rates of many species of plants and an increase in vitality. They are warding off 90% of common pests such as Mosquitos, Spider Mites, Chiggers and even those pesky No-See-Ums! In addition, with the potential to help farmers use less fertilizer and produce higher-yielding crops, Blue Magic ™ has the capabilities to reduce phosphate runoff, a rising concern for farmers and ecologists across the globe. 

“BlueMagic’s Microbiome Replication Technology™ was developed using the Heritage Genetics recovered in 2018 from the lost fields of Oklahoma. The adaptation and evolution of this landrace varietal over many years allowed this species to thrive under inhospitable conditions, like those found within the seven microclimates in Oklahoma,” said Early. “This natural evolutionary process has created unique chemical pathways to replicate the pheromonal excretions of most common pests found around the globe.” 

BlueMagic SuperGrow™ is a revolutionary product and a prime example of cutting-edge Agricultural Bio-Technology. Farmer Ryan and Co. believe it will help sustain food production worldwide, especially with the global population expected to hit a staggering 10 billion by 2050. This new solution aims to benefit agricultural areas and zones impacted by fluctuations in supply chain reliability, broad climatic variations, and high/low amounts of precipitation. It not only serves as an environmentally friendly solution to pest management but encourages the growth and vitality of crops, leading to overall increased food production to counter a growing and continuous need. 


The Cost of War 

While the world continues to aid Ukraine and its recovery from months of death, destruction, and displacement, there remains an overlooked issue regarding the current regional status of the farming industry.

How Farmer Ryan is Solving Sustainability Issues with Blue Magic™ 

Russia and Ukraine combine to supply 20% of the world’s fertilizers for farming inputs, a necessary component to producing food crops including corn, wheat, soybeans, vegetables and grain. Fuel/fertilizer costs and farming inputs have spiked correspondingly to the war and global inflation. Farmers are financially struggling to obtain these necessary inputs, and if these economic conditions continue or worsen, farming altogether may become unprofitable. 

The economic and geopolitical strain that the Russia-Ukraine war has on producing fuel, fertilizers, and farming inputs has impacted agriculture on a global scale. This, coupled with the heels of a nearly two-year global Pandemic, has resulted in efforts being continuously put into meeting unrealistic growth and viability target rates instead of supply chain versatility and sustainability. 

With the demand for food production jumping to as much as 70% by 2050, Farmer Ryan’s BlueMagic SuperGrow™ is a critical component in correcting the current issues in the farming industry. The commodity can not only reduce the number of crop inputs, but it has the capabilities to increase yields for farmers while reducing negative environmental impacts. 

Containing a secret, ratio-specific sesquiterpene complex, or ‘Microbiome Replication Technology™’, along with various other ingredients, BlueMagic SuperGrow™ can ultimately enhance crop growth and yields while reducing the costs for both pest management and fertilization. As a result, this technology is essential to the rebound of Ukraine and its farmers. 

“This natural process allows a plant to produce its own minimal amount of this unique Sesquiterpene complex, making it more resistant to harsh conditions and detrimental pests,” Early stated. “Similarly, our immune system creates a natural defense against pathogens.” 

Farmer Ryan and Co. are actively working with farmers worldwide to assist with producing food crops and combat the supply chain issues due to inflation and supply/demand factors. 




About Ryan Early 

Ryan Early is the controlling owner of Blue Green Ventures and Blue Green Earth Sciences. He is also the owner of the Midwest Microbiome Repository, in charge of gathering and testing various plants. After testing hundreds of specimens, Ryan discovered the secret technology that will power the future of sustainable farming. Blue Green Earth Sciences is the manufacturer of Blue Magic™. For more information, please visit and