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Digital E-Book: The Global Financial Transition, By Michael Avignon

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Mr. Avignon is a veteran entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in developing emerging growth companies that pioneered new technologies. He has been the founder, principal financier, Chairman, CEO and/or President of 11 ventures focused on global markets, international finance and international distribution in the public and private markets. These ventures included the development of proprietary software based on Chaos Theory that utilized Fractal Pattern Analysis to identify repeatable trading opportunities in the financial markets. To complement the software development, he also founded a trading firm that allocated capital to various financial instruments worldwide with a focus on low-risk, high-return opportunities in the natural resource sectors. In one 3-day period, he turned $50 Thousand into $2.4 Million trading gold, silver and copper in the futures markets. He has also traded futures contracts in excess of $40 Million. Another venture purchased an emerging bio-science company with patented technology. Shortly after the acquisition, a public offering was completed with subsequent financings that approximated $200,000,000 over a 3-year period. As an aside...Not one of Mr. Avignon’s investors has lost money over the last 30 years.



This work is copyrighted and is the sole property of Michael
Avignon. DO NOT copy or distribute to anyone without the express
written permission of Michael Avignon.

Michael Avignon is not a financial advisor and nothing in this book
is intended to be financial advice. It is highly recommended that
you DYOR (DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH) before you make any
investments discussed in this or any other material.
The information included in this book is intended for educational
and/or entertainment purposes only.

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