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Sat-A-Vet™ Gold On Point Hemp Horse Pellets 5LB

Safety & Effectiveness:

Extraordinary products begin with extraordinary compounds. Sat-A-Vet™ is formulated with patent-pending, university studied hemp genetics farmed in the USA. All Sat-A-Vet™ products are US farm bill & USDA compliant and tracked from seed to sale. Hemp is made up of many active compounds. It is theorized that there is a synergistic effect between these chemicals that ultimately is greater than the sum of its parts. This phenomenon, known as the “entourage effect”, is one of many reasons Sat-A-Vet™ is formulated with a balanced spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, hemp-derived terpenes, and flavonoids to achieve maximum effectiveness for your pet. The proprietary extraction gently removes all detectable THC so your pet gets the benefits of hemp without the high. Every Sat-A-Vet™ product is QR coded so you can easily verify potency from a third-party laboratory.

All Sat-A-Vet™products are manufactured by renowned Can-Tek Labs. The first hemp extract laboratory in Oklahoma to be FDA registered. As a completely vertically integrated company, Can-Tek Labs tracks the quality and safety of every product at every level from seed to sale. Sat-A-Vet™ is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council NASC.


Sat-A-Vet™ Equine Gold On Point is formulated with all-natural ingredients to maximize the effectiveness of the highest quality CBD from hemp extract for performance, training, and well-being. For horses exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontentment or responding to environmentally-induced stress. May reduce hyperactivity and promote clarity and focus for competition and training. Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity. Enhances bone and joint health as well as relieve occasional joint stiffness. Helps support stamina and endurance.

Additional Information:

  • Weight: 80.0 oz
  • Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 8 in

Lab Cert:

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