Brand: Feminized Seeds


Product Size

Length: 2″

Height: 2″

Weight: 0.13 lbs

Depth: 2″

Strawberry Durban S1 Feminized

Breeders notes

Finishing in Approx. 55-60 Days, Strawberry Durban produces Dense, Resinous Knots Layered in a blanket of thick trichomes. This strain performs phenomenally well indoors and is moderate in the greenhouse & Outdoor settings. These hardy ladies Stretch hard with average node spacing through their entire lifecycle and Appreciate LST, or Topping. Average Growing Structure is similar to a Christmas tree.



Strawberry Durban is what many would consider a truly exotic, with the average phenotype Displaying Moderate yields in LED & high-Intensity light settings; While showing off with incredibly sharp & pungent aromas consisting of Sweet, Earthy tones accompanied by notes of strawberries & cream, and an underlying dankness comparable to high octane race fuel.

  • Strawberry Durban is fairly stable at S1, displaying a 95% identicality rate.

  • Est. probability of  genetic Male/Hermaphrodite: 0.1 %


Flowering Time: 55-60 Days*

Sex: S1 Feminized*

Yield: Moderate

Total Cannabinoids: 25-30% *

Total terpenes: 2% - 4%     

S1 Lineage: Joey Loves Durban Poison X  Fantasy Melon #3


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