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Brand: Feminized Seeds


405 Headband S2 Feminized

Breeders notes

Finishing in Approx. 65-75 Days, 405 Headband produces several Large, Frosty Colas with incredible Crowning spread evenly from top to bottom. Once flipped to Flower it stretches no more than 80% in height & Girth, top it and it will produce an array of colas with a beautifully even canopy, Lst will have the same result. 405 Headband is fairly stable displaying a 95% identicality Rate.   



405 Headband  is our stabilized selection of 707 Headband by Humboldt Seed Organization, who describes Headband as a “Sativa-dominant feminized cannabis strain that reflects the great quality of the cannabis of the United States.” After we selected a considerably decent phenotype from our 10 pack, we immediately started running through our procedures for environmental performance testing. 

  • Est. probability of genetic Male/Hermaphrodite: <1%


Flowering Time: 65-75 Days*

Sex: S2 Feminized*

Yield: High*

Total Cannabinoids: 22-24%*

Total Terpenes: 2% - 4%

Lineage: Humboldt 707 Headband S1#6 Humboldt 707 Headband S1#6

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